Melon House Fair is on! Starting last Monday, our melon experts are pulling out all the stops to make the Melon House Fair 2021 a success – both for you and for us, because creating value requires interplay between all the links in the production and supply chain. In this interplay, innovation is a bonding, recurring element. Every link in the chain has its own priorities. For our company what matters most is that innovation is literally in our genes.

Our melon commitment

Enza Zaden is offering solutions for all commercial melon types. But we are also looking for new solutions. One example of this is our Amarillo program. Three years ago, after an in-depth study and evaluation, our breeders and biotechnologists started digging into this segment from scratch. The taste of Amarillo melons is similar to Piel de Sapo, the shape a bit more bulky, somewhere between Piel de Sapo and Galia. Right now, within three years from the start of our Amarillo program, Enza Zaden is meeting market demands with better quality and consistently high-yielding varieties, such as Piel de Sol, Ambarino o Mielón. They outperform the vast majority of the competition both in taste, uniformity and external skin quality, avoiding the external problems Amarillos usually have.

Melon strong expansion

Our team has made many improvements and the range of high-quality F1 hybrids has expanded greatly for the other types as well, including watermelons. This is recognised and acknowledged to an increasing extent, both by growers in the well-known production areas and by traders and retailers.

Melon genetics and more

For us, innovation is more than genetics. In every area in which we can create value for our partners at the beginning of the chain, specialists are working deliberately on progress and innovation. This includes market research, post-harvest research, exploring new cultivation techniques and – last but not least – finding new ways to share knowledge and collaborate even more effectively. The Melon House Fair is an example of this.

Not signed up yet?

Are you in any way involved in cultivating or trading melons, and you haven’t yet signed up to participate in the Melon House Fair 2021? Then don’t worry, you still can do so now. Go to, register with your local representative, or email It’s quick and easy to make an appointment for an in-person or virtual visit.


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