From June 26th to July 7th, the Melon House Fair will take place in Murcia, Spain. During these two weeks, you will have the opportunity to be part of this well-regarded event, which serves as an inspirational space for professionals in the melon and watermelon industry and a real example of creating value together.

For some years now, Melon House Fair has provided a great opportunity to connect with melon and watermelon experts and professionals throughout the value chain. By joining, you will discover more about the latest developments in the melon and watermelon industry, both locally and internationally.

Key words for this edition: taste, consistency, supply all year round, resistances. We will also address relevant topics within the industry such as sustainability, production efficiency or reducing labor costs.

Resistance makes the difference

Resistance makes the difference is a common denominator for Enza Zaden. In the case of melons, resistance is a crucial factor not only for producing healthier fruits but also for cultivating residue-free crops ensuring sustainability. Resistances offer advantages for all the players of the value chain leading to increased marketability, better fruits quality and continuous supply regardless of growing condition.

All year-round programs

In almost all segments, Enza Zaden programs focus on supplying all year round, playing with different production areas and varieties, ensuring the same consistency. You will find complete programs in different typologies of melon.

Piel de Sapo | Galia | Cantaloupe | Charentais | Fully Netted | Italian Netted | Amarillo

Taste and consistency

Enza Zaden offers not only high yielding, all year-round portfolios, and long-lasting fruits, but also tasty and consistency. Sweetness, aroma, taste, and juiciness are key factors in melon and watermelon purchasing decisions. At Enza Zaden, we prioritize consumer preferences and continuously invest in enhancing the flavor of our melons. During this edition, you will have the opportunity to taste our delicious melons and provide feedback through the Enza Zaden post-harvest team.

Efficiency in production and reducing labor costs

As the trend shifts toward more efficient crop production while labor costs continue to rise, our programs contribute to greater efficiency in production. The flexibility of harvesting points reduces labor costs by minimizing the number of harvest moments. For example, our Cantaloupe melons concentrate maturity, allowing growers to harvest their fruits in fewer moments while maintaining excellent field holding ability.

Creating sustainable and resilient crops

Climate change poses a significant threat to all crops, including melons and watermelons. Enza Zaden addresses this challenge by breeding varieties that are increasingly adaptable and flexible, better equipped to withstand stressful conditions. Our resistant portfolio is a prime example of our commitment to providing solutions to these challenges.

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