Summer is almost here, and with it the season when melon and watermelon production in Spain reaches its peak. This key location for the melon and watermelon market is where Enza Zaden has been organising the Melon House Fair for several years, two busy weeks from 28 June to 9 July during which sector professionals are given pride of place. They can enjoy tailor-made meetings, digital resources and, if they wish, visits to the test field to learn about new concepts and comprehensive programmes for all varieties of melon and watermelon.

Melon House Fair 2021 sets out to be an inspiring venue for all melon and watermelon professionals; a space where they can share their expertise and discuss market trends, check out what’s new in the extensive Enza Zaden portfolio and learn about its comprehensive programmes for different varieties that ensure year-round production.

Comprehensive programmes all year round

The keystone of all Enza Zaden’s approaches for the improvement of different melon varieties is guaranteeing consistent quality in the end product and satisfaction of all stakeholders in the chain.

To meet this objective, all of the programmes include resistant varieties that are highly profitable for producers and at the same time have a long shelf life and excellent post-harvest properties, retaining all of their flavour – the key feature for meeting end consumer expectations.

Two options: in person or online, tailored to customer requirements

In view of last year’s success, we have decided to continue offering our customers additional resources such as audio-visuals, a virtual tour of the demo, etc., to ensure a full 360° experience. The aim is that over the two weeks of the event, all participants can share the Melon House Fair either in person or online”, explains Giuseppina Inturrisi, of Enza Zaden Marketing Department.

A full multidisciplinary team (R&D, Marketing, Sales and Product Management) will be running custom visits around the demo (either in person or online) and small group meetings, implementing a protocol to ensure that all participants follow the appropriate hygiene and safety measures.

The goal is to create a space where relationships can be consolidated and values shared, because we can only continue generating value and benefits for everyone if everyone works together” says Inturrisi, “We look forward to seeing you from 28 June to 9 July, two weeks that will be packed with new offerings!”


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