Melon House Fair 2020 is almost here – will you travel to our Melon worlds?

During Melon House Fair 2020 we want to dive deeper into the Melon world with you. We do this with two webinars, together with AMI and Kantar. These webinars will give you a  deeper insight into market dynamics. We will start to analyze the Spanish market. After that, we will be focusing on the European one.  We will discover consumers’ trends and discuss how we can add value to all the chain together.

Consumption analysis of Melon and Watermelon in Spain

The first webinar will be on  Thursday 25 June. This webinar will focus on the Spanish market. We will analyze melon and watermelon consumption with two experts, Jose Zafrilla and Sergio Díaz from Kantar. Please note that this webinar will be in Spanish.

European market insights for Melon and Watermelon

The next webinar will be on Thursday 2 July. Dr Behr, from AMI, will give us a perspective on market trends for melon and watermelon in Europe. Please note that this webinar will be in English.

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